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Helping people Do brave things.


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 Imagine a life full of passion, mission, and purpose.

At Uncharted, our vision is to help people do brave things to advance God’s Kingdom all over the world. The greatest injustice in the world is that there are billions of people who lack access to the Gospel, and we go to the places that need it most and the people who have never heard. We are a movement of people discovering what it means to do brave things for the Kingdom, to never settle for status quo, and to go farther in our faith.


We desire to do mission with our partner churches.

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Explore what it means to live a brave faith in the everyday.

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Empowering Christians to not settle for the status quo.

As an expression of Uncharted’s values, Unsettled Collective creates artistic devotional material for individuals, groups, and teams that spark discussion and challenge our perception of what Christianity is, what a church should look like, and who is welcome at the table.


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