Uncharted trips are for people who desire to engage in global mission work, helping further catalyze discipleship movements in overlooked places. Mission work looks different in every Uncharted Community; each location offers unique ministry, service, and program opportunities. But in all of them, you’ll serve with and join in the work of indigenous church leaders to help usher in holistic restoration. Whether you’re an individual looking to assemble a team, or a church desiring to mobilize your people, we’d love to talk more about what opportunities are available! 

Long-Term Cross-Cultural Work

At Uncharted, the stark reality that drives our mission is the fact that over 3 billion people haven’t yet heard the name and good news of Jesus. Access to clean water, education, freedom, equality, food, and economic advancement are all rights we believe all people must have— and our ministries work towards those rights! But the deepest issue is the lack of access to the hope of the Gospel. We must not only dig wells, we must also introduce people to the Living Water. We must not only fight human trafficking, we must also see people freed from spiritual bondage. We must not only provide an earthly family for the orphaned, we must also introduce them to their heavenly Father.

As we send cross-cultural workers (CCW) abroad, this is their primary focus: to respond to the greatest injustice of all by providing access for people to a holistic expression of the good news of Jesus! Click below to learn more about long-term, cross-cultural work or to apply for consideration.

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Other trip Opportunities

One to two times a year, Uncharted will lead a large-format trip to one of our communities. These trips are great jumping-off points for people interested in international missions and are excited by the opportunity to work with people from different churches and organizations. Click the button below to check our our next Uncharted-led trip opportunity.