Through our sponsorships, we are pleased to provide you a personal way to make a tangible difference in the life of someone. Please look below for more information on how you might be able to impact the life of an orphan, street-child, or one of our frontline church planters. 


myanmar sponsorships

Throughout the country of Myanmar, we have 12 orphanages that are providing shelter, food, education, and care to over 500 children. 

Monthly Cost: $43  (Sponsorship cost update)


central asia sponsorships

In partnership with another organization, Uncharted supports a school for street-working children in this key, capitol city in Central Asia. These kids do have family, but due to in-country warfare and extreme poverty, these children have limited access to education. 

Monthly Cost: $30


Church planters

These men and women are the front line workers accomlishing the vision of Uncharted: going boldly to advance the gospel to unreached people. Their ministry includes networking, community outreach, home discipleship, and church planting. 

Monthly Cost: $150