Church plant developer: Myanmar


Uncharted International is looking to place a team of cross-cultural workers in Yangon, Myanmar. Different roles will be responsible for different aspects of ministry on the ground that Uncharted is connected to and/or oversees. The Church Plant Developer will have two primary functions: team oversight and church plant development. 

  • Team Oversight: The person in this role will provide on-the-ground leadership and care for the other cross-cultural members of the Uncharted team. This can include (but not limited to): 
    • Providing real-time soul care and discipleship for the team members. 
    • Empowering the team to each fulfill their role well and to the best of their abilities. 
    • Coaching team members in their role and relational dynamics. 
    • Keeping the team committed to the stated vision, strategic priorities and strategic plan they have committed to with Uncharted. 
  • Church Plant Developer: This part of the job is where most time-on-the-ground is spent. The general purpose is to provide care, encouragement, accountability, and coaching to the Uncharted national church plant network. This can include (but not limited to): 
    • Meeting consistently with church planters for encouragement. 
    • Helping church planters think through their vision and strategy for reaching more unreached people. In addition, coaching them as they implement their strategy and the refinement process. 
    • Providing accountability to the church planters both in terms of their own walk with the Lord, as well as their ministry effectiveness. 
    • Developing different training tools / opportunities that provided continued investment into the church planters (i.e. conferences, retreats, etc.) 
    • Identifying and developing key national leaders to become National Coaches. These individuals should be people who understand discipleship multiplication, have proven themselves as effective leaders and planters, and live an exemplary God-honoring life. 


  • Develop ways to care for cross-culture team on a consistent basis. 
  • Communicate regularly with the leadership of Uncharted. 
  • Oversee budget and other monetary investment to the Myanmar Uncharted Community. 
  • Determine ways that church planting and other Uncharted connected ministries in Myanmar can most effectively work together. 
  • Maintain familiarity with effective Discipleship Multiplication Movement (DMM) concepts, models, ideas, groups, etc., discerning what aspects are most applicable to the Myanmar church-plant context. 
  • Keep Uncharted ministries in Myanmar aligned with vision and strategic priorities. 
  • Work with the Church Planting Regional Developer to ensure that a church plant multiplication movement is happening in the most effective way. 
  • Work yourself out of a job. 


  • Necessary: 
    • A genuine love for and relationship with Jesus. 
    • A passion for and commitment to cross-cultural work, specifically with national church planters.
    • A humble and teachable spirit, and willingness to accept feedback and learn. 
    • Previous global mission experience, either short-term, mid-term, or long-term.
    • Proven understanding of international work, as related to developing countries. Holds a degree of savviness regarding how to avoid toxic charity, develop sustainable models, etc. 
    • Relational and emotional IQ with a visible track-record of both. 
    • Commitment to the core beliefs of Uncharted, as well as our vision and strategic priorities. 
  • Preferred: 
    • Undergraduate degree in ministry, missions, global leadership, church planting. 
    • Church planting experience. 

Reporting Relationship:

  • Initially, direct oversight, accountability, encouragement, and care will come from the Executive Director of Uncharted. However, as Uncharted continues to add more cross-cultural workers, the direct reporting may shift to a different staff member. 
  • Additional coaching, input, and training will be provided by the Asia Regional Church Planting Director. While this is not an authoritative voice, it certainly is a voice that carries weight and experience and is meant to provide direction and assistance. 
Tap the button above, compose a short message, and upload your resumeOnce your resume has been reviewed, someone from Uncharted will connect with you regarding next steps.  (NOTE: Our vetting, training, and equipping process is done in partnership with Team Expansion.) 



  • Posted: Sep. 26, 2017
  • Location: Yangon, Myanmar
  • Salary: Self-Funded
  • Preferred Start: Fall 2018