office & Operations Manager


This is a generalist position with a wide range of responsibilities, though those responsibilities tend to fall into two primary categories. First, the position will give oversight and hands-on application to much of Uncharted’s daily operations, with specific emphasis on finances and the sponsorship programs. This position will also be the “face” many people first come to know at Uncharted. They will be the primary contact for those interested in learning more about Uncharted, going on a trip, volunteering, donating, etc.

essential functions

  • Basic financial support
    • Enter daily deposits into QuickBooks and take deposits to the bank

    • Track donor information in Kindful, our donor management software

    • Reconcile credit card statements

    • Additional financial tasks as able and needed

  • Oversight of sponsorship programs
    • Provide customer support (updating credit cards, helping facilitate new sponsorships, etc.)

    • Provide detailed back-end management to ensure records are accurate and the programs are ran efficiently and effectively

    • Work with national leaders and US volunteers to keep track of changes

    • Think creatively about ways to improve the programs, develop high levels of engagement, and make the programs more successful

  • Oversight of the office
    • Ensure the office is managed well, visitors are greeted appropriately, administrative tasks are completed on time and done well, and the space is presentable

  • Donor/volunteer engagement
    • Serve as a point of connection with people interested in deeper engagement

    • Share with passion and sincerity about Uncharted

    • Provide information for those interested in participating in a trip

  • Volunteer management
    • Proactively recruit volunteers, and utilize existing volunteers, to ensure that various projects are done well and on time

    • Ensure volunteers are being utilized well and engaging in meaningful work

    • Develop the volunteer program in such a way that it effectively compliments the paid staff, filling in gaps and increasing the organization’s capacity to do work and make progress towards fulfilling our mission

  • As needed, provide general administrative and operational support to the organization, under the direction of the Director of Global Operations

Necessary Skills:

  • High level problem solving skills
  • A bias towards seeking improvement vs. being content with the status quo

  • Ability to thrive in a fast-pasted environment where multitasking is often required

  • Motivated, a self-starter

  • A team player with a “do anything” mindset

  • Significant analytical skills

  • Highly organized

  • Comfort with numbers and finances

  • Competency with MS Office, Excel, email, and basic computer skills

  • Good “people skills;” friendly, outgoing


  • Necessary: 
    • A commitment to the Vision, Mission and Strategic Priorities of Uncharted, Team Culture of the Uncharted Staff, and Uncharted’s Statement of Faith

    • College degree or comparable work experience
  • Preferred: 
    • Background in a business-related field 
    • Experience managing projects
    • Experience in customer service

    • Previous exposure to foreign missions

Additional Information:

In the near term this position will work closely with the Director of Global Operations. As Uncharted grows, and as this employee gains experience and demonstrates a high level of competency, the opportunity may exist for this to become a director level position with an additional employee being hired to offer support.



  • Posted: May 16, 2018
  • Location: Evansville, IN
  • Reports to: Director of Global Operations
  • Status: Full-time, Exempt