sponsorship faqs

  1. How is the money used? Money from sponsorships goes into a fund that helps cover the cost of: basic care, food, shelter, leader's salaries, school fees, tutoring, and spiritual education. Uncharted collects a 10% fee to help cover the costs of providing the appropriate level of oversight and financial responsibility.

  2. Are there other programs sponsoring the same children? It is possible for a child to have more than one sponsor. We believe our children should thrive, not just survive. Having two or three sponsors per child helps us go beyond the basic necessities and opens doors for our kids to access better educational tools and higher quality health care, so that they can reach their full potential. Though donations from Uncharted's sponsors provide the majority of funds necessary for the network to function, this work is done in collaboration with others as well. Please visit the website managed by our friends & partners in California. 

  3. How long is the commitment? Though we understand that financial and life situations change, we strongly believe that long-term relationships are ideal.  We would love to see a sponsor walk with their child through school-age, until they become an adult and venture out on their own. 

  4. Can I correspond with my child? Yes! We strongly encourage you to write letters to your sponsor child. There is not a mail system in Myanmar, but we are able to take letters twice each year when we take our large Trips. Letters are due May 1st and Dec. 1st. We encourage  you to write letters and send pictures, but please note that gifts are not accepted do to space limitations and out of fairness to other children. Finally, though we cannot guarantee, we do encourage the children to write their sponsors back (and many do a great job at this!). 

  5. Can I visit my child? Yes! Our Trips provide a great opportunity to this and we encourage this experience as it brings a wonderful level of depth and connectivity to the relationship. Sign up for a trip here