Gospel Access

A johari window of missions breaks people groups into these 4 sections: High Access to gospel, High Response to gospel (i.e. Haiti)  / High Access, Low Response (i.e. Paris) / Low Access, High Response (i.e. China) / Low Access, Low Response (i.e. Pakistan). As we discern new locations, our focus is primarily on places of low response, but either high or low access. 


More than 54% of the world's population currently live in an urban setting and that number will be above 80% by 2050. As we consider new locations to reach people, key urban centers around the world must be considered. They truly are the gateway to all peoples! 



People are on the move! Whether for chosen reasons (seeking better economic situations) or forced reasons (war, displacement, famine, etc.) people are moving across the globe like never before. The Study of Global Christianity estimates that 1 in 8 people globally are part of the diaspora. As we launch new Communities, we want to think strategically about the movement of people! 

Launch & reach

Both aspects of mobilizing people and reaching unreached peoples are important values to Uncharted. As we develop new Communities around the world, we want a balanced percentage that are focused on Launch and Reach. Some Communities will have the ability to mobilize many people from our partner churches through Trips and Internships, without compromising the people or ministry in the host country. While other Communities will focus on Reach, limiting the amount of outside partnership due to the risky nature of the ministry and context.