Dear Myanmar Network Sponsor,

We would like to inform you about some exciting growth and changes for the children’s home network and sponsorship program in Myanmar. We know that you care deeply for these children who are part of the network, and all of us at Uncharted are so thankful for your faithful support over the years. 

We share a common goal: to do the best possible job we can to care for these children in the best possible way. 

Over that past several months, our friends and partners in Myanmar, led by network director Peter Thang, have prompted and discussed with us the transition of the sponsorship program to the care of a new and separate non-profit. There are two main reasons for this. 

First, it will allow both the children’s home network and our Myanmar church planting efforts to flourish

Uncharted remains committed to reaching the 45,000,000 unreached people in Myanmar. We have increased our support and focus on the growing number of national church planters we partner with, and we are seeing amazing fruit! But we also desire to see the children’s home network flourish, and for an increase of focus and funding directed their way. 

We realize that both cannot flourish to their fullest potential under the current model. 

Second, we believe transitioning the sponsorship program to the care of another non-profit would allow increased focus. 

Both church planting and care for at-risk children are worthy, biblical, and fantastic ministry callings. But they are different. They both deserve an organization that can focus on the specific requirements of each ministry, and provide clarity for donors and partners in terms of what each is supporting. 

Therefore, motivated by a deep sense of care for these children, and done in close collaboration and relationship with our friends in Myanmar, we are pleased to announce that the sponsorship program will now be cared for by Binding Thread. (Please read the attached FAQs for instructions on how to transfer your sponsorship.)

Led by Jason and Ali Rugani, Binding Thread consists of a group of people who have long history and deep relationships with the network leaders in Myanmar. They have the passion and the experience necessary to operate and grow the sponsorship program. 

We are doing this together – Uncharted, Binding Thread, the network leaders, and you. We all agree that this will result in multiple Kingdom wins and we are excited to see God cause both church planting (under Uncharted’s care) and the children’s home network (under Binding Thread’s care) to flourish!

On that note, please hear from Binding Thread’s leadership their thoughts about this transition: 

We are working with Uncharted International during this transition time to transfer all records and information over to the Binding Thread office. There is much work to be done, but our hearts are with the orphans and widows.  We are confident that God is leading the way and equipping us for such a mission.

We have been actively and passionately involved with the Myanmar Orphanage Network for many years, serving in leadership and other various capacities. We possess a heartfelt desire to build up the support and sponsorships into a strong network again. That is our calling.

Your cooperation and flexibility is critical now. Ultimately, the orphans will be the direct beneficiaries of this cooperation. This work together is a blessing and opportunity for all of us.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have. May God bless you for your past, present, and future support.

Additionally, please take a moment to read a note from Peter Thang:

My wife Rebecca and I have used our times in prayer for the past months on this special case. We asked God many times in prayer to give us His discernment to be able to walk towards what He want us to do. When Ben Stewart, Geoff Bunting and Ben Schmidt came here in July, I had no idea how God would lead our meetings. But when we started sharing with each other, it was so wonderful that God brought us all on the same page. We all agreed that it is the time to go forward and each carry on the work He has called us to do. I am so happy to welcome Binding Thread to our Network as a supporting source and excited to see Uncharted expand the Kingdom of God in Myanmar more effectively in the future. I am so excited to work together with Binding Thread for the sponsorship program and excited to see you all to participate by sponsoring our kids. I personally am looking to see how the Lord will do greater things in the days to come! 

Friends, as you can tell, this transition has been steeped in prayer, is grounded in relationships, and is moving forward in unity. 

We have included an additional page of basic FAQs. However, if you have other questions, please feel free to contact Jason Rugani for children’s home network questions, or Geoff Bunting for church planting questions. 

We are excited to be linking arms and creating what we hope and believe will be a great future for Uncharted, Binding Thread, and the children’s home network in Myanmar, and we look forward to seeing God’s Kingdom advanced through this process. 

Advancing God’s Kingdom together,

Ben Stewart | Uncharted International

Jason Rugani | Binding Thread

Peter Za Hlun Thang | Love Children’s Home

FAQs +

Who is Binding Thread?

Binding Thread is an independent 501(c)3 organization ensuring orphans throughout the world receive the physical, emotional, and spiritual care they deserve. It was founded and is managed by long-time members of the Uncharted family who have deep relationships with our friends in Myanmar. Learn More →

If not the network, then what is the focus of Uncharted moving forward?

When Uncharted was first started the stated focus was helping catalyze disciple making and church planting among unreached people groups around the world. As the name indicates, the focus of Uncharted is for places “off the map” – places where relatively few mission organizations are engaged. This remains our passion and our mission. By God’s grace, we will continue to expand our efforts in places that are overlooked and forgotten, helping engage the people of God in the mission of God.

Is Uncharted still doing ministry in Myanmar?

Absolutely! In fact, we want to see our work in Myanmar expand significantly in the coming months and years. The primary difference is that Uncharted will focus on helping bring the hope of Jesus to people who have yet to hear his name, and Binding Thread will focus on building next generation Christian leaders through orphanage network support.

What about trips?

Don’t worry--trips to Myanmar will continue to be offered through both organizations. If you went to Myanmar with Uncharted recently you spent some of your time doing outreach with church planters and some of your time serving in the children’s homes. Starting in 2020, you will still have both opportunities. Uncharted, through our partner churches, will lead trips working with church planters, and Binding Thread will lead trips working with the children and orphanages.

What about my year-end tax receipts?

Uncharted will continue to send year-end contribution statements for money given directly to Uncharted over the course of the year. Binding Thread will do the same. That means sponsors who switch from giving to Uncharted to Binding Thread will likely receive a statement from each organization that together total your full year giving.

Will my non-orphanage giving to Uncharted be impacted by this transition?

Not at all. If you currently only give to Uncharted’s church planting efforts, in support of the general fund, or toward some project not related to the children’s home network, this transition will not affect you. If you give in addition to a child or children’s home sponsorship, that donation will not be affected.

Can I continue sponsoring the same child/children?

Absolutely! Binding Thread has a list of current sponsor/child relationships, so it will be easy to make the switch. The only change will be which organization is handling the funds.

How do I transfer my sponsorship payments?

To honor your autonomy as a donor and the security of your credit/debit card, your payment information will not be transferred automatically. To move your sponsorship to Binding Thread, please contact them using the information below as soon as possible. A member of the Binding Thread team may reach out to you, as well. After your new sponsorship payment has been set up, Binding Thread will inform Uncharted and your old payment cancelled.

Is my Central Asia sponsorship affected by this change?

No, Binding Thread will only be managing Myanmar child sponsorships. If you sponsor a child in Central Asia, nothing will change.

Contact Information:

Uncharted – phone: 812-402-1886, email:

Binding Thread – Jason Rugani: 812-568-0330, email: