Libby husk

One of my favorite quotes is by a man named C.S. Lewis. He says, “We love to know that we are not alone.” And I find that to be so true. Loving others makes us vulnerable. It opens us to hurt and pain and loss, but it also gives us the opportunity to be loved in return. To be known. To be seen, by God and by others. I think that is one of the most important things anyone can ever experience. It gives our lives value and worth. Loving others connects us to one another. Being loved helps us to be brave. And being brave means there are no boundaries on what we can do or how God can use us.

Currently, I am a in social services as a case manager in rural Kentucky. I find joy in helping the kids and families I work with feel like they matter and have a place in this crazy world. My greatest passion outside of work, is traveling, whether it be for missions or just to experience this incredible planet. Life can be messy and chaotic and ugly sometimes. For me it’s important to try and find beauty everywhere I go, whether that’s right outside my door or half way around the world. And beauty, I am finding, doesn’t always look like what you think it should look like, in all the best ways.