Kimiko Egy

Kimiko egy

Hi, I'm Kimiko Egy. I am mom to two fantastic daughters (8 & 11), and am married to Paul, the kindest person I know. I'm an adventurer at heart, a military brat who grew up moving cross-country and across the globe. I spent all my growing up years encountering new places, people, customs, and challenges. And, to be honest, I handled it with ease. God gave me an eager, open heart, and I was always excited for more. I like to say that if I had lived 500 years ago, I would've been an explorer (glass ceilings notwithstanding).

Yet now, I find myself on the strangest and hardest adventure of all: following God in day-to-day, ordinary life. Here I am, surrounded by my sweet family, planted in the suburbs, in Broomfield, Colorado: exactly not where I thought I'd end up. Somewhere, my passport gently weeps. And yet, I have been surprised by the courage, the boldness required to live a faithful, everyday life, while keeping the Kingdom of God in view. I can honestly tell you that for me, this call (yes, some of us are in the suburbs because we're called) is the most difficult endeavor I have faced. During our almost 14 years in Colorado, I have experienced the heartache of broken relationships, the confusion of a failing church, even the despair of a faith that hadn't yet grown deep enough for the winds it faced. I have wanted to run—as far and as fast as any map would take us. And yet, God has always been here, right here, a rope to hold onto as I walked through thick blackness. He has remained, unfailing, and has led me into the broad, expansive beauty of Hope.

Lately, I’ve sensed the Spirit leading me into the next phase of my great (suburban) adventure. I don’t know exactly what lies ahead, or how we’re going to get there, but I’m learning to let God handle that part. I guess that makes this the perfect time for me to contribute to this Field Notes Journal—because it’s time, again, to be bold. I’m glad I get to share these next uncertain steps with you. I suppose that’s what Field Notes are for?