Kathy Stewart

Hey y’all!  (I can say that now, because I live in Southern Indiana.)  I’m Kathy Stewart.  My husband, Ben, is my best friend, biggest cheerleader and favorite person in the world. I have the privilege of serving alongside of him in this new endeavor called Uncharted. Our 2 middle school-aged kids are my first full-time job, which I can honestly say is cool because I definitely like them most days.  This year is our first shot at homeschooling.  (People that really know me almost fell over when they found out.  I’ll let you know if we survived the ordeal.)  I’m also known as “Mom” to a mini golden-doodle named Archie, which is great and weird, all at the same time.  (There exists such a thing as doggy daycare.  And I drank the Kool-Aid.  What is wrong with me?)  “Bloom” is the name of my business that has been a dream of mine my whole life, but I didn’t realize it until this year.  Literally, it is lifeblood to me.  Drawing out beauty in others is my jam.  I help women find their personal style or beautify their homes.  A redeeming and rewarding job, indeed.  I learned an important lesson this year: doing what you love—the thing that you do naturally, organically; you would do it even if you didn’t get paid to do it—is worth tripping through the trials to use and refine your giftings for others to benefit from too.

Although, what I absolutely DON’T love is writing, I have been asked (well, let’s be honest…pushed) to contribute to Field Notes. In actuality, it’s very appropriate for me to be writing about “going boldly,” because lately, it’s pretty much the banner over my life.  So, I am honored to share my thoughts on the matter, if nothing else, to simply be another voice in the conversation that says, “yeah, it’s hard for me, too.”