from Tom Walsh

There are so many trails to pick from in Colorado that can take you on a new journey every day. Recently, I decided to regularly get up early and conquer a trail called Mount Sanitas, a gritty hike that covers more than 1,300 feet in elevation in over a little more than a mile and a half. I thought that this was a great plan, a sunrise hike on a fairly empty trail, a great workout and time alone in the quiet to process life. Always plenty of mountain air to inhale as I paced myself, since I had to feed my competitive edge by always trying to set a new PR. One day as I was closing in on the top, I paused and turned around to look to see how I navigated through a rugged section of loose rocks and dirt (amazed it didn’t fall). It was at that moment, I believe the counsel of Holy Spirit, in his gentle way, opened my eyes. Each day I accomplished that hike, I was focused on getting to the top, planning and praying through my day and venting the burdens of life. I was going boldly forward, focused, intentional and really enjoying it. At that time I paused to look behind me, Holy Spirit changed my perspective to go boldly by looking behind me. Reflecting on my life, day, week and asking myself, where have I come from? What did I journey through? How did I get through it?  Where was the Father? What did I learn?  Such value, healing and hope.  

When we boldly pause and look behind us and allow time to linger through our seasons and experiences, we can boldly go forward with grace, gratitude, wisdom and we can see the Father at work.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.
— Psalm 46:1
Noah Gray