A Recap from Serbia (June 2018)

from Natalie Jaranowski

Every once in a while in life you have what I can only call a holy moment: a moment where what is being said pales in comparison to how it is being said, a moment where what was done pales in comparison to how it is being done, a moment where who is speaking fades away, and you can see who is speaking through that person. I had a holy moment in Serbia.

There was a man by the name of Igor whose story is one of beautiful redemption. He was a drug addict who was healed from that and came to know Jesus in the process. He has since given his life to ministry and just planted a church 5 months ago. As he told us his story, I honestly don’t remember much of the details. I don’t remember really much of what he said at all, but it was absolutely a holy moment. What I remember is how he said it, and the desperate passion in his voice that was so loud it drowned out the words. I remember the glow around him as he begged for the permission to dream for his city. I saw in him the light of Jesus shining so incredibly bright that I can barely remember what Igor even looked like. But I won’t ever forget him.

His desperation screamed of a lost city that is devoid of hope, a city that is rich in beauty on the outside but dead inside. I could feel his heart breaking as he shared the struggles of the people trying to survive and just get through life in a bleak landscape without purpose or meaning. I could feel his anguish at the apathy of the people he so desperately wants to reach. And I could see so clearly that Jesus didn’t just save him from something. He saved him FOR something. He was given the dream of bringing redemption to this city, and I believe we are going to see God do incredible things through him.

He wants to dream for his city. And now, I want to dream for his city. And seeing his passion, his sense of purpose, his’s time to start dreaming again for my own city.