from Mally McLoughlin

In my first post, I explained the importance of stepping out of the safe zone in the quest to Go Boldly. Here in part two, we will look at some of the potential obstacles we face in forging ahead with our new ideal. The first obstacle is this: Is the mission God's or ours? The key factor in determining this is asking one simple question. If the Holy Spirit were to pull out of this, would it still move forward? If the answer is yes, then it is not a mission from the Lord but a bunch of people sitting around brainstorming and executing. On a personal note, I spent the better part of 2016 planning and plotting ways to make Jesus' name known. Truth be told, I wanted my name to be known a little also. Having exhausted myself (mentally and physically) trying to come up with big ideas, I burned out. I started 2017 with a simple creed: Lord, I will seek only you and wait. Turns out he has a lot for me to do this year. You see, God is not asking us to do stuff for him or show up and break new ground. He has been at work long before we arrived on the scene and he is simply asking us to join in what he's already doing. We must seek the Holy Spirit before we go anywhere--Bold or otherwise.

The second obstacle I've found is in putting the task before fellowship. This is true of ministry, church, and organizations in general. It also ties in with the first obstacle. Here's how it works. Someone in the organization gets the vision. They then rally the troops and prepare to storm the hill and plant the flag on top. Sounds simple? When you're dealing with human brokenness and all its faults and foibles, it's rarely that simple. You have the vision, now it's time to accomplish the task. The next step is to have a team that are solid in not only their own walk with Jesus, but also have a deep bond with each other. Having a strong fellowship means that if the task fails, the team will regroup and try it again or something different. But if the task fails and the team are not living in a posture of community that cares deeply for each other, then the team is likely to fracture or even fall out with each other. Fellowship before task.

Risk and adventure for the Kingdom of God are good things. We must ensure that the power of our institutions does not impede the Lord's work that is happening all around us. Open your eyes and ears. He is moving!

Noah Gray