from Ben Stewart

I recently had a very surreal experience; one of those “I can’t believe I’m here right now” moments. I found myself sitting on a roughly hewn wooden bench under a tent on the side of a highway in the middle of a desert, crossing the border from one creative access country to another in the Arab Peninsula. The GPS wasn’t really working, and while our bags were being searched, I found myself thinking, “I don’t really know where in the world I am right now!” It was a beautiful, exciting, and somewhat scary sensation. Here’s why… 

For me, it represented who Uncharted is and continues to become. We are a movement of people that are helping bring the gospel to places that are “off the map.” We are an organization that cares about people groups that many other organizations have forgotten about, overlooked, or deemed too hard to reach. It is beautiful, exciting, and somewhat scary. 

Our time in the Arab Peninsula sealed in my heart the need to be this type of movement. The people there are beautiful, offering a level of hospitality and generosity that escapes the reports of our national news and destroys the stereotypes our country has created about them. They are kind and considerate, welcoming our presence and excited to pursue relationship. And they are also people in desperate need of the hope of Jesus. Some of their false gods may look different than ours, while some take on familiar forms. Either way, at the core, these are people in search of purpose, freedom, belonging, love, truth, and hope. And like so many, they are searching in all the wrong places. 

I can see Uncharted there. I can envision a day when we have a team of workers present in that land. Building relationships. Contributing to their economy. Pursuing the good of the city. Demonstrating the hope of the gospel. Sharing the truth and love of Christ. I can see a day - months or years to come - when we have a proverbial flag planted in these sand-filled landscapes, helping provide people access to the gospel. 

The Arab Peninsula is incredibly unreached. It is not cliche in the least to say the workers are few. While it may take some time, I’m excited to begin exploring how God might use Uncharted in these lands. I’m excited to do brave things, helping advance God’s Kingdom in this part of the world! 

Noah Gray