from Noah Gray

I’d like to think that I’m a measured person. In thought and action, I'm deliberate and careful. In several ways, I know this to be true. When making major life decisions, I weigh and process all the possible outcomes and how this decision will affect me. When responding to tough subjects, I craft a response that is accurate to my thoughts, but careful to be kind and understanding. In short, I take my time.

I can paint this picture to make me look brilliant. But the truth is sometimes being measured doesn't pan out the way I expect. At it's worse, it can make me seem cold. Other times, looking for the best way to respond or move prevents me from doing anything. Call it analysis paralysis. Call it whatever you like and you'll hit the nail on the head. Honestly, it's me trusting in myself much more than I should.

But there are times when being measured isn't bold enough. Sometimes "measured" isn't what God is calling us to.

I'm still processing my recent trip to the Balkans. But this topic has been in my head since meeting with pastors and missionaries. There's no doubt preparation and consideration was part of the decision-making process. But at the end of the day, they knew the call on their lives and trusted that God would honor their work.

I'm left with more questions than answers:

How many things am I measuring? How many times am I not listening to where God is leading me because I'm weighing out the factors again? Where am I not trusting? Where does God want me to be bold and make a move, regardless of how risky?

Noah Gray