"Love my people"

from Tom Walsh

I can get the idea of those two words mixed into a perspective that going boldly is living with the "Eye of The Tiger" song ringing in my ears on a regular basis in my life. Though I prefer any U2 song above that song, there is something about getting in the "Rocky" mode to punch through my day, with courage and energy, accomplishing what I needed to get done like a boss.

Really though, at different times, going boldly can be really tough. We surely have those seasons of knowing our clear purpose, plan, and calling. We also have those seasons that getting out of bed takes up every bit of boldness that we have in our body. I recently went through a tough, arms are drained, can't lift up my feet type of season that led me to utter a question-like prayer straight from my guts to the ears of my Father. I asked, how do I do this? How do I operate in this season? His response was shocking..."Love my people". Using my words, He was calling me to speak life into others, call the gold out of them that I could see. Using scripture, stories, and observations about them, I did...boldly speaking love to dried up and hurt hearts. I retrained myself to replace judgment, assumptions, and conclusions about His people with Kingdom currency...peace, hope, joy, love. It has actually been really fun!

The boldness to pause, listen and bless others, impacted me too. My ears are hearing my own words and I am noticing this journey has been healing my hurts at the same time. So to you today, whether “Eye Of The Tiger” is thumping in your veins or you are trying to take another step, GO BOLDLY by loving others while keeping your ears open too.

Noah Gray