from Tom Walsh

Going boldly is an exciting journey, however, going boldly alone can be devastating and actually quite foolish.  If you do dare to consider looking into your life with the question of “where can I live boldly?” I encourage you to also ask, “who can I invite into this journey with me?”  

If I could go back in time to tell the younger me some advice about going boldly, I would suggest two key areas to impart as deep roots to a “boldly living” lifestyle. The first is go boldly with community. This is an easy word to say, living it is much harder. Bring in friends who can encourage you, challenge you and share this experience with you. A great description of a friend that I heard recently is “someone who sees more potential in you, than you see in yourself."* A community where secrets and pretending are replaced with grace, honesty, openness and a lot of laughter. Does that person exist in your life? Beyond your spouse or family? Pray for one, seek after some, do not go on without one. Your journey will not be complete. The second piece of advice I would give is to consider my “foundation”. We all know that a cracked foundation to a home is bad news and requires immediate attention. Pause enough to consider the cracks in your personal foundations. Seek after those faulty beliefs that you carry, sin that you are numb to, see if you operate with a religious view of the Father over a relationship with him, look for lies about yourself that have been accepted as truth and even line up with them. These cracks can be filled with true community around you! So, go boldly…together!

 *Sheryl Sandberg in the book “Originals”

Noah Gray