from Tom Walsh

Community and discipleship are hot words in our culture and churches today. Honestly, they are in my life too. They are like the peanut butter and jelly to my life sandwich (goofy, but I am writing this when I am pretty hungry). Community to me is a gang of friends who have jumped into the pit with me and welcomed me into their journey as well. Two-sided, deep friendships that go beyond "how's the weather/your job" type conversations.

As the community deepens, so have the faith questions, blurting out areas that I am wrestling with and friends to walk to answers with. My gang wraps around my entire family, pouring into my wife and kids and traveling through life with them and on their level. As we go, the Gospel goes with us because it is in us and flows from us, so as we walk through the seasons of life, we come face to face with discipleship. Humility, trust, vulnerability, friendship, meals, laughter, tears all to be experienced.

Noah Gray