How will millions of men, women, and children have the chance to hear the hope of Jesus in Myanmar? How will injustices be made right? What will it take for the conflict between Muslims and Buddhist to end? What needs to happen to see communities and villages flourish?

In short, it will take a movement of brave women and men, committed to catalyzing a multiplication of disciples across their country, demonstrating and declaring a holistic expression of the gospel. Adding is not enough. Evangelism is not enough. And even humanitarian work - as necessary as it is - isn’t the end in itself. It requires a group of people who take seriously the greatest commission of Christ, to make disciples in their nation!

Recently, Geoff Bunting and I had the opportunity to make a small contribution towards this vision. We gathered our small group of 20 disciple-makers - men and women evangelizing in their communities, raising up disciples. But we added the requirement that they not come alone. They had to bring another leader they were developing in their ministry. So we multiplied our group of disciple-makers by 2. We went from training 20 to 40! And it was a beautiful time of training, worship, and prayer together. By God’s grace, we were able to explore together new paradigms of discipleship multiplication, leadership development, and fresh expressions of local church (replicable, low-cost, and sustainable).

While it may sound small, it was a significant first step towards helping catalyze a nation-wide movement of disciple-makers who can bring the hope of Jesus to the millions around them who have never heard!

Ben Stewart