Where His Name Is Not Yet Known

The Apostle Paul captured it best when he said, "My ambition has always been to preach the Good News where the name of Christ has never been heard, rather than where a church has already been started by someone else" (Ro. 15:21). 

We share this ambition with Paul. We take our name seriously and say that we want to go to the places where Christ is not yet known; the places filled with peoples who have low access and/or low response to the gospel. We believe that God is raising up a certain segment of peoples and movements from all over the world to reach the 3.11 billion unreached people (Joshua Project), and we believe God has put that call upon Uncharted. 

Moving forward, we will be exploring new places where we can establish Uncharted Communities. Through these Communities, we hope to identify and partner with national leaders with whom we can plant communities of faith (i.e. church planting) and provide human aid for those in need. (Check out our criteria here that points us to places in key, European cities, significant Middle-Eastern countries, places in North Africa, and more.)

In the end, this is what Uncharted is all about. It's deeper than providing some sort of global experience; it's more significant than merely providing human aid; it's more eternal than creating some trendy brand that people want to be part of; and it's more urgent than doing good things in the world.

In the end, this is about lost people hearing the good news of God's love! This is about salvation! This is about abundant life! This is about people experiencing the real hope and peace of God that comes through Jesus and is secured by His Spirit. And this, dear friends, is why we share the same ambition as Paul to go to "the places where Christ is not yet known." 

Ben Stewart