Go Boldly

The journey of discovering new vision, clear identity, and fresh language for a movement can be a nerve-racking process. On the one hand, I fear falling into the trap of manufacturing a vision - one that is contrived to sound cool, attract people, and doesn't pay any attention to the Spirit, but cares only about current trends. But on the other hand, I fear that we move in a direction that feels bland, lacks courage, and only creates more noise in the sea of vision, movements, and brands. So I felt both the responsibility and anticipation as Uncharted began the process of clarifying vision and refining identity. The responsibility of wanting to "get this right" knowing it would chart the course for us for years to come. But also the anticipation, believing that great ideas, daring dreams, and eternal fruit could come from this new direction! 

And so I'm thrilled to introduce the new identity and vision of Uncharted! I believe passionately in our purpose to: Help People Do Brave Things to Advance God's Kingdom All Over the World. Coupled with the invitation - the promise - to "Go Boldly". 

Friends, I want to be part of a movement whose people are marked with bravery and courage. I want to belong to a people who cannot settle for status-quo. Yet too many followers of Jesus settle for shallow Christian living where Holy Spirit power, Christ secured freedom, and Fatherly love are sparse. 

I want to live a brave faith! And I want to help others live this faith as well. And know, friends, that in order to fulfill this great commission - to see the gospel go forth - courage is required. 

So what does it mean for Uncharted to Go Boldly? 

First, it means that we share the Apostle Paul's ambition to go to places where the Gospel is yet to be heard. We want to go to the unreached people groups and cultural-centers where the light of the Gospel is all but extinguished. We want to establish Uncharted Communities in those places, equipping and sending people there to help establish communities of faith in those regions. 

And second, we want to help people go farther in their own personal faith. Whether it's through our Field Notes (films, blogs, etc.) or Going Abroad, we want to help people explore new places in their faith, experiencing a fresh work of the Spirit in their life. We want to help people move beyond the comfortable places of their spirituality and allow themselves to be pushed and challenged and formed in new ways. 

And so, friends, welcome to this new era of Uncharted! An era where our priorities are set (reach the unreached & help people go farther in their faith), our identity is clear (a mission movement & lifestyle brand), and our purpose is firm (help people do brave things to advance God's Kingdom all over the world). 

We would love for you to join us in this new adventure as we move forward into the unknown, and together, GO BOLDLY! 

- Ben Stewart, Executive Director, Uncharted

Ben Stewart