Going Farther

In his book, Signature of Jesus, Brennan Manning says that "God calls us to break camp, abandon the comfort and security of the status quo, and embark in a perilous freedom on the journey to a new Canaan." What a beautiful yet frightening invitation! To leave behind what is known and comfortable, striking out on faith to a place that has never been seen or experienced.

Within this movement, we hold high this value of "breaking camp" and going farther. 

If we are to take seriously the mission of God, then we must also take seriously this move of God! Oh Christian, you were not called to sit still or to settle. You were not called to a version of following Jesus where you are paralyzed by fear or bogged down by comfort. You were meant to move - to go farther in your faith. 

May we never settle in our faith! May we allow ourselves to be pushed and challenged. And what might this look like in the everyday? 

  • Engaging a neighbor with intentionality and care, even if it costs us a few precious evenings of our time. 
  • Allowing your theological convictions to be tested, poked, and prodded, even to a point that is uncomfortable. 
  • Engaging in cross-cultural service, stepping outside of your comfort-zone and giving of your time and resources. 

Whatever it might look like for you, our prayer is that God will use Uncharted in significant ways to help you Go Farther! 

Ben Stewart