At Uncharted, "Go Boldly" is more than an inspirational statement or etherial concept. It truly is a lifestyle that we want to help people embody, exploring what it looks like in the every day of life. Our Films and Journal are notes-from-the-field, hearing from our peers, as well as those who have gone before us. They are meant to provoke, inspire, and guide us as we continually discover what it means to Go Boldly! 


Unsettled Collective is the expression of Uncharted’s passion to move people beyond the status quo and into living a brave faith. It is a resource of discipleship content to push, disrupt, and shake people out of complacency. Our goal is to create bold, and at times subversive, discipleship content that will encourage people in their faith while also provoking them into action. To do this, we are writing devotionals for individuals, groups, and teams that spark discussion and challenge our perception of what Christianity means, what a church should look like, and who should be welcome at the table.

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We believe in the power of a story well told. That a faith lived out with courage can become a powerful guide to others. These stories are meant to push you towards places of discomfort and thoughtful provocation, preventing you from becoming stuck or too comfortable in one spot. While others are meant to give guidance and comfort, providing welcome bench-marks along the journey of going farther in your faith.

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Here are the thoughts, dreams, exhortations, and encouragements from others who are discovering what it means to go farther in their faith. This is not a place for pithy aspirations, cliche statements, or unrealistic dreams. These are the notes from those who have tasted both success & failure, joy & disappointment, conviction & doubt, and the reality of life. May these entries bring you comfort, inspiration and a clearer sense for what it means to live a brave faith.