dubai overview

Considered one the gateway cities of the Middle East, Dubai is high on the priority list for establishing a new Uncharted Community.

Among other reasons, Dubai provides an excellent place for Christian leaders from surrounding countries to come for rest, training, and mutual encouragement. With so much turmoil and warfare in the surrounding countries, Dubai can truly offer a place of relative peace and safety where these national leaders can be cared for, invested in and developed as they go back into hard places. 

A primary way Uncharted does this is by utilizing the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit. Hosted annually in Dubai, this gives Uncharted great opportunity to bring in leaders from surrounding countries for training and encouragement. 

 During a trip you would have the opportunity:

  • Participate in the GLS
  • Meet Christian leaders from surrounding countries and other ministries
  • Experience a Middle Eastern Muslim culture in a relatively safe context and setting

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