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There are over 3 billion unreached people in the world today. Over 100 million people lack Scripture and Christian teachings in their primary language. But 90% of foreign missions happen among people groups that are considered already reached.

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Uncharted goes to the least reached people to cultivate holistic restoration, to address not only the physical needs but the spiritual needs as well. Holistic restoration means renewed identity and spiritual awakening. It means providing tools and opportunities to improve their future. It means someday their lives can contribute positively to those around them.

In the last months of 2018, we started our Cultivate Campaign with the goal to raise $125,000 for our ministries in Myanmar, Central Asia and Serbia. Help bring physical, spiritual, and eternal restoration to the places that have been forgotten and the people groups that have never been reached. Join us in cultivating what we have so that our ministries around the world can continue, grow, and flourish.  

How you can get involved
  • Give to the Cultivate Campaign to help bring restoration to places that have been forgotten

  • Donate on Giving Tuesday, and sharing our posts about it on social media

  • Post photos and stories from your trips with Uncharted, and encourage others to donate

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