Church planters sponsorship faqs

  1. How is the money used? Sponsorship funds cover the costs of providing the church planter's salary. Uncharted does take 10% to cover the costs of providing oversight, accountability, and encouragement to the church planters. 

  2. How long is the commitment? As long as you're able to keep it and the church planter remains in this ministry role. We believe in long term relationships and a multi-faceted connection with these men and women. 

  3. Can I correspond? Yes. Most of the church planters have at least periodic access to email and/or FaceBook. In addition, we can take letters twice a year when we take our trips. Letters are due May 1st and Dec. 1st. Because not all of the church planters speak English, we will do our best to get it translated.  

  4. Can I visit? Yes! Our Trips provide a great opportunity for this and we encourage this experience as it brings a wonderful level of depth and connectivity to the relationship. Sign up for a trip here.