Community ministry developer: Myanmar


Uncharted International is looking to place a team of cross-cultural workers in Yangon, Myanmar. Different roles will be responsible for different aspects of ministry on the ground that Uncharted is connected to and/or oversees. The Ministry Developer will have the primary responsibilities of identifying, developing, and overseeing long-term, sustainable and scalable ministries that contribute to the overall physical, emotional, economical, and spiritual development of people groups that Uncharted church planters are reaching.  

  • Assessing Community Needs: This role will take point on identifying what physical, economical, and tangible needs should be met to build relationship and trust with a particular unreached people group. This could include, but is not limited to:  
    • Working with church planters to identify what the needs are of the people group they are trying to reach.
    • Determining with the Community Leader what the best approaches and practices would be for impacting the physical, relational, and economical needs of a people group and how to implement those in a non-toxic, sustainable way.
    • Identifying ways to assess the programs / ministries and ensure that they are accomplishing the right goals in a manner that is healthy and sustainable.
  • Developing Sustainable Models: With the above in mind, this role is responsible to ensure that each program and ministry has a healthy, long term sustainability plan in place. This can include, but not limited to:
    • Giving ownership to nationals in the early stages of program implementation.
    • Allowing nationals to help shape and express the implementation of the different programs and ministries.
    • Developing a plan that places nationals in leadership of programs and ministries for the long term.
    • Identifying funding systems that proved resources for programs and ministries that do not rely completely on funding from outside sources.
  • Maintaining Strategic Priorities: The person in this role must be committed to the overall strategic priority of catalyzing church planting movements, and ensure that all programs and ministries move towards this end.


  • Work extensively with nationals, Community Team Leader and other ex-pats to identify real needs of unreached people groups.

  • Determine what human needs should be met by Uncharted.

  • Find best approaches to implement different humanitarian programs.

  • Ensure that all programs and ministries flowing from the Uncharted Community are not toxic and contribute in a healthy, sustainable way.

  • Promote overall vision and global ministries of Uncharted.

  • Contribute to Uncharted-related ministries as needed throughout the year.

  • Communicate consistently with Community Team Leader, ensuring team health and effectiveness.


  • Necessary: 
    • A genuine love for and relationship with Jesus.
    • A passion for and commitment to cross-cultural mission work.
    • A humble and teachable spirit, and willingness to accept feedback and learn.
    • Previous global mission experience, either short-term, mid-term, or long-term.
    • Proven understanding of international work, as related to developing countries. Holds a degree of savviness regarding how to avoid toxic charity, develop sustainable models, etc.
    • Relational and emotional IQ with a visible track-record of both.
    • Commitment to the core beliefs of Uncharted, as well as our vision and strategic priorities.
    • A desire and ability to work with national church leaders, including the humility to learn from them and maintain a teachable spirit.  
    • A strong desire to impact the whole person: the physical and spiritual needs of unreached people.
  • Preferred: 
    • Undergraduate degree in missions, global leadership, economics, or business development.

Reporting Relationship:

  • Direct oversight, accountability, encouragement, and care will come from the Uncharted Community Team Leader. However, additional care, encouragement, and communication will be maintained on a regular basis with U.S. based Uncharted leadership. 
  • Additional coaching, input, and training will be provided by the Asia Regional Church Planting Director. While this is not an authoritative voice, it certainly is a voice that carries weight and experience and is meant to provide direction and assistance. 
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  • Posted: Sep. 26, 2017
  • Location: Yangon, Myanmar
  • Salary: Self-Funded
  • Preferred Start: Fall 2018