ben stewart — executive director

The Essentials: I was born and raised in Connecticut, but have lived in Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Zealand and Colorado. I've been married to my favorite person, Kathy, for 16+ years and we have two kids, Eli & Olivia. And Archie - our golden-doodle puppy, who won’t let me forget him! 

Things I Love Most: Jesus (a lot). Helping people love Jesus even more and experience real life in him. My family. They are all amazing people who inspire me, humble me, and motivate me to be a better follower of Jesus. Travel. My Triumph Scrambler. Coffee. Scotland. Cool weather. Mountains and oceans. Sleeping. 

Other Stuff: I really dislike status-quo and love discovering how to make things better and see others around me flourish. While it’s hard at times, I welcome the moments I’m pushed outside my comfort zone in all aspects of life and faith. It’s hard for me to sit still, but God is revealing how much beauty there actually is in seasons of hiddenness, reflection, and further discovery of who He’s designed me to be. I’m thankful to be part of a global, Kingdom-movement like Uncharted and that God allows me to serve him in this way.